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She who walks with Mother Earth - Lavina 

She Who Walks With Mother Earth (Lavina Tuckanow) was a Nehiyaw & Métis Woman from Starblanket Cree Nation who later joined Okanese First Nation with her husband Remie Tuckanow. The granddaughter of Chief Red Dog and daughter of a Métis man from the Qu’Appelle Valley.


She was a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother and relative to many. Lavina was gifted in many ways and had great knowledge of the land and it’s medicines. 

Lavina was an Indian Residential School Survivor. Taken from her home when she was a young child to attend the Lebret Indian Residential School. Many years later Lavina  went back to work as the head chef when the Starblanket community took over the administration from the church. Renowned for her baking and cooking skills, Lavina mentored many and made meals for the Lebret Eagles Hockey Team. Lavina passed away in 2001 and never lived to see the federal government’s public apology in 2008, nor the Truth and Reconciliation’s Final Report in 2015. Lavina never got to see her grandchildren learn about the experiences children like her faced in Indian Residential School nor did Lavina ever share her story.  Lavina’s legacy and strength lives on through her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who continue to honour her in many ways. 

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